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5 Coffees That Are A Must-Try

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

A cup of coffee crafted with the finest coffee beans, expertly roasted and then skillfully brewed, can be as pleasurable for coffee aficionados as sipping a fine wine. They value every aspect of the coffee, including its thickness or how it feels in the mouth and its aroma, consistency, and nuanced flavors. But not everyone likes the same kinds of coffee.

Here is a guide outlining the best coffee types that every coffee enthusiast would appreciate, whether you favor dark roast or light roast.

The blend of your favorites!

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Affogato Coffee

Starting you off with a favorite amongst many different coffee options and recipes, the Affogato is a terrific way to merge coffee, dessert, and an after-dinner cocktail. The health advantages of coffee are also present in an affogato because it contains espresso, but the ice cream also adds fat and sugar to the beverage. Affogato contains a strong coffee flavor and aroma and ice cream's sweet, creamy flavor.

The contrast between the bitter and sweet flavors, the hot and cold temperatures, and the liquid and solid textures is what makes the affogato so pleasant. Eating the ice cream soaked in coffee first, then drinking the coffee and the remaining melted ice cream, are the most acceptable ways to enjoy an affogato.

Feel lively with a refreshing cup!

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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee is among the world's best, and it is definitely worth trying. Vietnamese coffee is typically robusta coffee, which is strong, healthful, sustainable, good, and widely consumed. Vietnamese Arabica coffee has a medium body and robust flavor, with vibrant and rich caramel, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.

Vietnamese Arabica is noted for its smoothness and less acidity, making it the ideal bean variety for both novice and ardent coffee drinkers. Condensed milk and medium- or dark-roasted coffee are blended with ice to make Vietnamese iced coffee. It is the ideal beverage on a hot day.

Try something different!

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Kopi Luwak

The priciest and most distinctive coffee in the world is called Kopi Luwak. The unusual production method is the primary cause of its high cost. It is made from coffee beans that the Indonesian palm civet expelled after digesting them only partially. Most people describe Kopi Luwak's flavor as earthy and musty with traces of caramel and chocolate, though some individuals use the word "jungle" as a flavor descriptor. Kopi Luwak Coffee is frequently referred to as tasting nutty, rich, and excellent. A Kopi Luwak coffee brew has some overtones of caramel and chocolate.

A blast of flavor!

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The Cortado has become increasingly popular among coffee enthusiasts because of its straightforward composition and widespread recognition. This coffee beverage from Spain is incredibly smooth, striking the perfect balance between espresso and milk. Each of its three characteristics—rich, robust, and silky—brings out the best in the others.

Although many espresso beverages have Italian roots, this Spanish concoction elevates the robust coffee to a whole new level. They are typically served in tiny glasses made of glass or metal. The cortado is typically not embellished with foam art or other decorations, unlike lattes, because its focus is on flavor harmony rather than presentation or flare.

Boost up with the basics!

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In essence, a Dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee made with instant coffee as the basis. You combine equal portions of instant coffee grounds, sugar, and hot water, usually with the aid of a milk frother, to create a fluffy, creamy consistency. The flavor and texture of Dalgona coffee are pleasantly sweet and creamy. Many people have said it tastes like a Starbucks frappuccino or like coffee ice cream.

The recipe's ratios can be changed, or you can select a flavored milk base to control the amount of sweetness and caffeine. Based on the amount of instant coffee used in the ratio and the type of instant coffee used, Dalgona Coffee will contain less or more caffeine.


Coffee has been made as a beverage for many centuries. It's one of the most consumed beverage in the world right now. A trip to the neighborhood coffee shop will show you how coffee has developed into a beverage with an astounding array of variants. Now that you know several must-try coffees, try your favorite flavor!

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